Find Unique Treasures at a Durham Thrift Store

Going to a thrift store is an adventure every time, because you never know what unique treasures you will find. One day there may be a vacuum cleaner and coffee maker. The next day there may be a sofa, loveseat and end table. Whatever treasures you seek, rest assured you can find them at one of these great local thrift stores located close to our apartments near Duke.

Trosa Thrift Store

Trosa Thrift Store is arguably the most unique thrift store in the Triangle. The inventory is massive and they are always getting new donations. The staff is friendly and quick to offer a helping hand. The furniture selection is amazing and the delivery fee is very fair and based on distance. This fee covers up to three pieces of furniture, no matter which floor you live on or how large the items are. There is also a great selection of high quality clothes from Banana Republic, Loft and similar stores.

Nearly-New Shoppe

This hidden gem is the best place in the Triangle to buy luggage. Nearly-New Shoppe also offer great deals on unique wedding dresses, dishes, books and CDs. Their clothing selection includes brands such as J-Crew, Brooks Brothers and Ben Sherman.

Scrap Thrift

Scrap Thrift is truly a jewel of the community. It is a wonderful extension of The Scrap Exchange. They have a well organized books and media department with an unbelievable selection and they are always running sales. The book and media section is very well lit unlike some of the larger thrift store chains which are dimly lit and highly disorganized. The selection of clothes is also amazing. Their toy selection leaves a little to be desired, but the quality of picture frames and silverware more than makes up for that.

Your next adventure awaits just around the corner if you call Station Nine in Durham your home. To schedule a tour, contact us today. We would love for you to see firsthand the urban-living feel our luxury student housing has to offer you.