Contribute to a Good Cause at the Autism Speaks Walk at Duke

The Triangle Autism Speaks Walk, happening close to our apartments near Duke University, is a wonderful occasion for people to come together and celebrate the community of citizens helping to spread awareness and better the lives of people living with autism.   Autism Speaks Walk is a worldwide fundraising event fueled by the aim of finding better solutions that improve the care and support that the autistic community requires. This nonprofit organization does so through the donations and empathy of parents, friends, and supporters willing to spend their hard-earned time and money to advance this cause. The funds generated from the walk are used to research the causes of autism, better treatments for autism spectrum disorders, and improve the general understanding of these disorders in the public sphere. All donations are also tax-deductible. Donations can be sent online, on walk day, or via mail.

Every participant in the walk is provided with a personal fundraising page where the walker's friends and family can send donations on their behalf. People can also set up walk teams where the collective donations of family, friends and coworkers are brought together under one team name. Companies can also get involved by creating teams from their employee base as well as becoming corporate sponsors.

Autism Speaks provides plenty of amenities that make walk day as pleasant an experience as possible. Every walk includes sensory-friendly activities for children, a resource area for people to educate themselves about autism, stocked refreshment areas, and a quiet zone in case anyone needs a moment to calm themselves down during the event.

The Walk takes place on April 7 at Duke University's East Campus, in front of the large building with the address of 1304 Campus Drive in Durham, NC 27708.

For more information on the Autism Walk, feel free to call Lauren Kidder at 704-561-0003, or send an email to To talk more about this, or anything else regarding Station Nine apartments, contact us today!