Enjoy a Relaxing Day at Art in the Garden

Life is busy, and most days rush by without allowing for a moment to just enjoy the world around us. In a time where technology overwhelms our social interaction, and where work deadlines keep the candle burning at both ends, it is more important than ever to find time to reconnect with the simpler things in life close to our apartments near Duke.

Art in the Garden is an event that invites you to nourish your body and your mind, and it will allow you to disconnect from the hectic pace of life. This stress-reducing afternoon will give you the opportunity to channel your inner artist; and lunch, provided by The Well Fed Community Garden, will introduce you to some amazing farm-to-table cuisine.


Do you love to paint, or have you always wanted to learn?  This event, taught by artist Annelies M. Gentile, features an outdoor watercolor class; available to painters of any experience level.  The beautiful natural setting will provide the perfect inspiration for your artwork.  The focus of the lesson will be how the creative process can be a great source of relaxation, and an escape from the stress of everyday life.  A watercolor kit is included with your ticket, but any type of art supplies are acceptable (and encouraged).


Art in the Garden strives to create a sense of community and well-being, and the lunch provided by The Well Fed Community Garden will definitely bring everyone together.  The organic, vegetarian meal will highlight the best flavors that nature provides.  Served picnic style, this meal will create a wonderful experience where attendees can enjoy each other's company and the outdoors.

This event is the perfect way to truly experience all the beauty that Durham has to offer.  Enjoy this same sense of community and stress-free living by becoming a resident at Station Nine.  Contact us today to schedule a tour of your new home.