Check Out Bull City Escape in Durham

Are you ready for a fully-immersive, fun, and interactive experience? Bull City Escape is an escape room complex that utilizes all of your intellectual strengths to win the game.

Bull City Escape is located less than half a mile from our student apartments in Durham, NC. That is either a three-minute drive or a six-minute walk. You can choose from a variety of adventures! Here are a few to consider:


Enchanted Kingdom is rated an eight out of ten in difficulty. The room takes the talent of anywhere between three and six players to complete the game.

You are a group of treasure hunters seeking the Enchanted Kingdom's Crown Jewels. They are spread in different areas all over the land and are only powerful once they are all reunited on the crown.

You need both wit and wisdom to solve the clues and find all the missing pieces. Can you work together as a team to bring the relics together and gain power within the time frame, or will you have to come back to try again?


A Study In Murder takes four to eight talented players and is rated a nine out of ten in difficulty. This is Bull City's most difficult game to date.

Each member of your group is a crackerjack detective assigned to an interesting murder case. The eccentric billionaire and wanderer, Edward Montgomery, has suddenly been killed and the police have no clue what is going on. They need your various talents to help them solve the case.

The first place you inspect is the gentleman's home, but the door locks tight behind you as you enter. Your mission is to use what you find in the home to solve the murder. Follow clues, evade traps, and piece together puzzles to discern the killer's identity. If you can do that and escape the room, you win.

Bull City is one of the few escape businesses that book their guests exclusively in private parties so that you are never placed in a room with strangers. Each game lasts a full hour and if you do beat the room, you get bragging rights for thousands of years.

Station Nine luxury apartment community near Duke University wants you to experience the finer things. Please, contact us with any questions and schedule your private tour. You may just find your new home!